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Social Equity Empowerment Network

S.E.E.N. is a consortium of cannabis businesses working to create a vibrant diverse cannabis industry that serves everyone as a positive economic engine for our communities and partners.


We remove barriers to entry, provide resources, and cultivate networking opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs.

About   S.E.E.N.

Over a year ago a group of African-American residents of Illinois came together to discuss how we can enter the cannabis industry in the state. From those destined meetings, we created an unofficial group called the Black Canna Network as a tool to share useful information, resources, and events to assist in the application process. As a result, we have now made the group an official 501c(6) trade association. 


In order to be supportive and inclusive of all social equity applicants and other disenfranchised and underrepresented cannabis entrepreneurs, the Black Canna Network is now known as the Social Equity Empowerment Network (S.E.E.N.).

A Look at the Numbers

300 +

Association Members

90 %

Social Equity Applicants

95 %

Registered business owners

98 %

Advanced Cannabis Education

Our Mission

S.E.E.N. is a cooperative advocate, pioneering leaders for the responsible and progressive economic growth for African Americans and other social equity applicants in the cannabis industry. We are a consortium that is keenly aware of the impact the war on drugs has had and continues to have on our communities. As we work earnestly against the disparities and inaccuracies of justice and social stigmas throughout our communities, we stand as a collective resource to learn, connect, grow and sustain an equitable ownership in the cannabis industry.

Our Members

Our members come from all different walks of life with varying industry experiences and professional backgrounds. We have united to pursue one common goal, that creating a fair and equitable cannabis industry that is mindful of the impact of the war on drugs as well as supportive of organizations and communities who are fighting for this cause.

Our Vision

We envision a diverse, equitable cannabis industry that serves as a positive economic engine for our communities, allies, and partners. We remove barriers to entry, providing invaluable resources, best practices and networking opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs.  

Our Members Enjoy Great Benefits

Why S.E.E.N.?

  • For Us, By Us.

    We stand as the premier organization in IL advocating for equity, diversity, and opportunity in the Cannabis Industry.

  • Be Seen. Be Heard.

    We provide a platform for social equity applicants and business owners to be seen and heard

  • A Network of Support

    We have created a network of license holders and ancillary service providers committed to supporting one another for a push for sustainability in this industry.

  • Member Discounts

    We have built valuable relationships with vendors in Illinois who have agreed to provide discounts to S.E.E.N. members.

  • Invaluable Resources

    We will provide invaluable resources like leads and to verified, cost effective service providers.

  • Community Engagement

    We are committed to effectively changing the trajectory of our communities by way of  economic development and  enhancing resources.

Executive Board Members

Meet Our Team

Connect with us to learn more about how we can help you meet your goals in the cannabis industry.


Natascha Neptune

Natascha Neptune is one of the founders and the President of the Social Equity Empowerment Network. She earned her Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She started her career in automation and enjoys working with machinery. Natascha is passionate about social equity and its implications to assist those disproportionally impacted by the war on drugs.

Vice   President

Belicia Royster

Belicia was born and raised in Chicago's South Shore & Hyde Park areas. Graduating  from Chicago Public School’s Hyde Park Career Academy provided a true affinity for Chicago and her community. She went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree from Southern Illinois University @ Edwardsville. Her professional background includes investigations, legal and insurance. She now serves as Vice President of the Social Equity Empowerment Network.

Chairperson of the Board

Kiley  Russell

Kiley has an extensive background in Education earning a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. She has been a successful entrepreneur, well versed in business development, sales & growth strategies in retail. Kiley was raised on the Southside of Chicago and is currently a serial entrepreneur, Mother & Wife. She now serves as Chairperson of the Board for the Social Equity Empowerment Network.


Keyston  Franklin

Keyston Franklin is a passionate business development and tax specialist with 8+ years of experience in strategic planning, business development, bookkeeping and process improvement. Keyston has a unique background with experience in accounting, game design, and software development. Keyston will graduate from the University of Chicago with a MLA in Ethics and Leadership in the Spring. He now serves as Treasurer for the Social Equity Empowerment Network.

Chief Legal Officer

John Brooks

From Chicago’s Southside John Brooks, is a recent graduate of Vermont Law School who has mastered cannabis from a legal perspective. John comes to us after
working with the Chicago Innocence Project, where he investigated cases of wrongful conviction, and other social justice initiatives. John has mastered current legislation, assisting with several candidates applying for Illinois licenses. John now serves as Chief Legal Officer of the Social Equity Empowerment Network.

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Vitoria    Herring

Vitoria Herring brings more than 15 years experience in business, operations, finance and cannabis, helping scale small and large organizations enterprises manage their operations and grow their businesses. She has expertise in the for-profit and non-profit sector as a consultant to cannabis business owners and operators. Vitoria now serves as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of the Social Equity Empowerment Network.

Chief  Compliance & Regulatory Officer

Candace  M. Clark

Candace is a Montgomery, AL native now living on Chicago's southside. As an entrepreneur she is committed to diversity. She graduated from Troy University with a Computer Science degree, later co-founding a family-owned Digital Services Consulting agency along with her husband. Candace is currently studying Data, Economics, & Development Policy at MIT and preparing to apply to law school. She now serves as Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer of the Social Equity Empowerment Network.

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson is one of the founders and Chief Technology Officer for the Social Equity Empowerment Network. Josh believes wholeheartedly in social equity independent business ownership, and creating more and
more options for social equity applicants. Josh is a 16-year experienced self-taught IT infrastructure professional with MCSE, CCNP, VCP and other prominent certifications.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining monthly financial tasks, preparing and submitting quarterly & yearly reports, and fundraising initiatives.

Planning & Development 

The Planning & Development Committee handles important tasks to progress our overall mission through networking, partnerships, and programs.

Marketing, IT, & Media

The Marketing, IT, & Media committee is responsible for our organizations online presence, public communication, and backend infrastructure. 

Compliance & Legal

The Legal & Compliance Committee is committed to upholding the mission and vision of the organization, as well as organizing legal initiatives & lobbying efforts.

Community Engagement

The S.E.E.N. organization is committed to serving the business owners, organizational leaders, and community members in areas that have been disproportionately affected by the impacts of the war on drugs.

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S.E.E.N. is a consortium of cannabis businesses working to create a vibrant diverse cannabis industry that serves everyone as a positive economic engine for our communities and partners.


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If you believe in nationwide legalization, decriminalization of cannabis, and the success of social equity initiatives in the cannabis industry SHARE YOUR VOICE.

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    S.E.E.N. is a cooperative advocate, pioneering leaders for the responsible and progressive economic growth for African Americans and other social equity applicants and ancillary service providers in the cannabis industry.

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